5 Gambling Myths Exposed

Gambling is very addictive; whether it is casino based or online gambling. In as much as gamblers may be aware they are losing money, there are a lot of myths that give them hope that they will make profits. Today, we look at five myths that you should be aware of.

In gambling, there is something called independence of events. Each bet you make is independent from the previous bet and definitely the next. So, don’t lose all your money thinking that you are increasing the chances of winning.

No matter how many years of gambling experience you accumulate, you will never recoup your money, not unless you win the lottery. But how many people win the lottery? Casinos are profit-making ventures, and the outcomes will always favor the house.

Gambling is an entirely different thing that is often based on chance and luck and not skill or expertise in the game you are betting on. If this were true, soccer pundits, commentators, and coaches would quit their jobs and venture into gambling. Even the bookies themselves can’t correctly predict matches, and that explains why they are beaten at times.

A lot of gamblers believe that keeping records of results will help them make profits. If there were a sequence of outcomes, the casinos and bookies would have gone bankrupt a long time ago. Even in sports betting, the head to head analysis of teams doesn’t guarantee you a win. We have seen many in-form teams losing.

Gambling is very easy to join especially from the fact that you can play discreetly on your Smartphone. There are also bonuses and discounts when you register or deposit. All these slowly get you hooked, and the problem is that you won’t know when you addicted. You will always say it’s the last time, but then, old habits die hard. Chances are high you are already addicted and getting out won’t be an easy path.

While a little research and skill may make you a better player, gambling remains a game of chance and luck. There is nothing like skill, expertise or experience in gambling, so don’t be cheated.