Beach Posters to Decorate Your Vault

One of the most complicated and underrated factors in keeping healthy for vault dwellers is keeping yourself psychologically in the game. Probably the most complicated and dangerous part is the humidity — but that’s for another blog as I don’t have the time right now to get into that other than to say if you buy a vault or bunker book and chapter one or two isn’t about the humidity then you need to take that book back.

Spending weeks, months, years in a vault can be quite depressing. No natural light, no fresh air, no input or sensory activation since you’re just staring at blank colored walls 24 hours a day seven days a week. What a drag. You probably don’t realize it right now but that can have severe effects on the human psyche. We *need* sunshine and we *need* clouds, trees, forest, water, and so on. Interestingly enough, back in the Soviet Union days — talk about some people who know bunkers! — the pinko Commie reds used to fly their Olympic athletes from the cities into the forests and beaches so they could walk around and see and experience that stimulii. The reason being that it helps the body recover mentally and physically.

Seeing as how we’re planning to spend years in our vault post-apocalypse, being able to introduce those kinds of factors into your environment should be a top priority in keeping yourself as healthy and happy as possible.

Your best course of action would have to be creating different rooms painted and decorated to different environments. Given sufficient preparation time and budget, I’d make a room in my vault for each season and setting. An icey winter landscape with walls painted like a snowy, frosty forest for winter-time. Fields of dandelions, daffodils, butterflies, birds, bees, and grasshoppers for the spring. Colorful leaves, covered bridges, and a colorful sunset for Autumn. A beach for summer with painted ocean, dolphins, catamarans, and maybe a lifeguard tower or two for the summer time. The imagination abounds.

hat’s an ideal world though. And I guarantee when contrails from Chinese missiles start criss-crossing the sky any ideas of idealism will be tossed out the window faster than a General Tsao Drone flying through the sky! So, as a contingency plan I’ve managed to commondere a dozen or so posters to decorate my bunker with. For winter, I went with the Finnish countryside. I thought about using a Siberian posted from Lake Baikal, but there was always something rusty in the background and just meh. For spring, I’m planning to use posters of sunflowers from the Spanish countryside and tulips fro the Netherlands. There are going to be so many flowers in that room there’s a big chance I’ll
get stung by a painted bee! And for summer, my piece de la resistance if you will, now this was a tough decision. While I weighed my options considering several different areas — Destin, Florida, Mogadishu, Somalia, Cape Town, South Africa — I ultimately decided to go with a beach poster from a resort city in the Phillipines: Batangas. I vacationed there some years ago and have been in love with the City ever since.

Okay, granted I spent all my time on the beach lounging and traveling around to area holiday towns and never saw the city, but still. There’s actually a whole saga on how I got the poster. I had bought one there to save for my vault back when I went on holiday, but it had been overcome with mold in my vault at some point in the last few years (remember when I said humidity was the biggest problem?). I wound up finding a photo for the website where I booked my holiday there from and having it blown up at Wal-Mart to serve the same purpose. Now if I can get just keep that pesky mold out…

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Comfort & Entertainment


When it comes to a doomsday bunker or vault, some people will be fortunate enough have electricity via solar panels or possibly other means. These people are truly the lucky ones when it comes to doomsday and fun because they will have access to some of the comforting entertainment that they may have enjoyed before going into their bunker. One of the best ways to pass the time in any bunker is to have forms of entertainment that maintain a degree of normalcy that you had before.

A couple of examples of this is to collect as many DVDs or even VHS videos before you plan on going into your bunker. Of course, you will need something to play them on, but having enough to watch to keep you entertained is just as important. Nobody wants to watch the same ten movies thousand or even millions of times. There are few things as fun as cuddling up with the people you care about and watching a movie. Why not even take the time to set up an impromptu theater in your bunker? If you really want to take this idea over the top, take the time to stash some popcorn as well to make it as authentic of an experience as possible.

If you were a fan of video games before your bunker and have electricity, then you may want to consider bringing all the game systems you have collected over the years with you. One game system is good, but if you have an older system as well then it will be sure to provide you with entertainment. Collect and bring with you as many games and systems as possible, especially games that take a long time to finish or have a lot of things to collect. Think Final Fantasy games here. You could even hold friendly competitions with other people that are in your vault or bunker. Nothing is more entertaining than a little friendly competition.

A lot of people in modern times have found comfort, fun, and entertainment through electronic mediums. If you are one of these lucky people that are going to have electricity in your bunker, then this is a great option for providing the best experience possible while you are locked away. On top of all of this, video games also make a great way of training for the things that you might have to face once you get out.

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Man’s Best Friend


In most doomsday scenarios in a bunker, we view it strictly as time that we are going to have to spend with other humans. Lets face it though, you will tire of human interaction fairly quickly. To keep this in check, you may want to bring mans best friend with you into your doomsday bunker. I’m not talking about your best “brother” or “sister”, I am referring to a dog.

While it may not make much sense to most people to bring their canine companion with them through doomsday, especially since it is another mouth to feed, it can have many benefits. Dogs usually aren’t very picky about what they eat, just be sure that they have a diet high in vitamins and proteins. If you keep your dog healthy while in your doomsday vault or bunker, then they will be sure to provide you with entertainment in return.

So what kind of entertainment may your fur covered friend bring you when all other entertainment seems to have let you down?

For starters, there are few things more comforting than having a fur covered friend by your side to spend time with, care for, and love. If you are an animal person then you definitely know what I mean. An interesting fact to add in here, pet owners have actually been shown to not only be healthier, but live longer as well. That will come in handy for sure if you wish to make it into a post-apocalyptic world outside of your bunker.

Another great way to spend time with mans best friend during this period is to teach them commands and tricks. It is sure to be full of fun to train them. Maybe take something with a unique scent and hide it somewhere in your compound and see how long it takes them to find it. Little things like this and seeing the happiness in your dogs eyes on their return can provide fun and entertainment for your soul and heart in a way that few other things can. You can also take this time to train your canine companion other tricks such as sit, roll over, and even to play dead.

Truth is, few things can hold a candle to the companionship that can only be offered by a dog. Not only this, a cuddly canine will provide you with a sense of normalcy in a less than normal environment. If you are to find any fun in your bunker or vault, it truly may help to have an animal link to the world that you once knew.

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Board In Your Bunker?

One thing that my family and I always used to do when the weather was too nasty outside to go play was play board games. Everything from Sorry to BattleShip, Monolopy, and even the occasional Ouiaja board. Board Games kept me entertained when the days were dreary and down. There were also the times that I would play a board game with my family. So why not pack some into your doomsday bunker?

One game of monolopy played properly will take days hours in itself to complete! Not to mention all the unique twists that you would have time to create for each board game. You could even make your own board game with its own unique story line. If you did had an Ouiaja board and you happened to conjure up some spirits you may not be in for much for but loads of entertainment! Can you imagine fighting spirits the entire time that you are underground! If there were zombies on the surface you would be ready, hopefully…

Another interesting thing to do would be create your own under ground bunker casino to keep yourself and any one else that may be with you entertained. Gambling is a serious issue in society now, but if it came down to it, I would gamble in my doomsday vault. If you had the money to make this a true casino experience can you imagine! Might as well stock it with plenty of alcohol.

Not much of a gambler? Charades also makes another great option of entertainment inside of your bunker. Even if you are not good at acting out, then maybe you could play pictionary instead. Doesn’t everyone like a good guessing game? Either way, guessing games make a great way to pass the time.

It does not matter how bored you are in your bunker or vault. When it comes to fun, nothing compares to board games. We can all remember how we used to play them on those rainy days or maybe once a week with our family. What better way to bring a bit of joy into your life in a dark situation. There will never be a reason to be bored as long as you have plenty of board games.

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Alcohol And Your Doomsday Vault


Man discovered early on that yeast (or several other mediums), fruits and sugar when left alone made for a rather enjoyable and intoxicating drink. Alcohol is something that has been around for a very long time in the history of man. Just because you are locked in your doomsday bunker or vault, why should you let this ancient art die?

While prepping for doomsday, you might be wise to go ahead and start preparing your spirits. A quick look around the internet will find several recipes for making your own wine. You can pretty much make wine out of almost anything. So you might as well use all of the free time you are going to have to see what interesting tastes you can create.

What do you do though once you have your wine and you are in your bunker? You drink it of course! Nothing says entertainment and fun like a bit of wine! Not to mention that if you are going to be in your bunker for many years, then you have plenty of time to create the perfect celebratory wine for when you get out. Who wouldn’t want a good wine to celebrate emerging back into the surface world?

Having some alcohol to drink also opens the door to some rather fun and intoxicating games. Be sure to pack 20 plastic cups, ping pong balls, and a flat surface so that you and the other inhabitants of your vault can have a beer pong tournament. The good thing about having these supplies handy is that it could also make for an interesting game to play without alcohol, though it is highly recommended to include in each game.

Another great game to play is “ I have never”. In this game, the participants in your bunker all pour themselves a glass of your fine wine and you take turns going around the group asking questions. If the person has done the act that you have never done, then they must take a drink. This can not only lead to a good buzz, but also teach you a thing or two about the people that you are going to be spending the next few years with.

So why not take this great tradition of man and carry it on into the new world? Who knows, with all the practice that you will be getting at fermenting and making wine you could enter the new world a millionaire with your recipe. Either way, alcohol makes for a good time killer and an entertaining experience. You may also want to go ahead and prep a few hangover cures, just in case. So cheers and bottoms up in your bunker!

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